The Problem with Shredded Paper

What’s the big deal about tossing shredded paper into the recycling bin?

The reasons why shredded paper is not accepted in your recycling bins:

  • The process of shredding degrades the quality of fibers that hold the paper together.
  • It falls through the cracks of the sorting facility creating a huge mess.
  • Shredded paper that makes it past the cracks will end up in the glass pile, ultimately contaminating the glass.

What can you do?

  • Rip semi confidential paper by hand three or four times, then throw it into the recycling bin.
  • Rip off the confidential part of the document and place the rest into the recycling bin.
  • Documents that require shredding can be brought to a recycling facility that handles confidential shredding like E.L. Harvey and Son’s in Wesborough, MA. You can also bring your documents to Staples, first pound is free, 99¢ per additional pound.

This information was provided by E.L. Harvey and Son’s, Wesborough, MA.

Update: Some municipalities accept shredded paper as long as it is inside a clear plastic bag or paper bag clearly marked “Shredded Paper”.


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