If In Doubt, Throw It Out: Recycle Right

Last week, The Happy Bee organized a tour at the Recycling Facility in Framingham, MA with Stephen Sarnosky, Recycling Coordinator. Here are 3 important things to remember. This applies to all communities in the Metrowest Area:

  1. Do not place plastic bags of any kind in your recycling bin. They do not belong there. They jam the machines at the recycling facilities and they will end in the landfill. If you want to recycle plastic bags, you need to bring them back to the stores to be recycled. Most grocery stores have recycling containers for plastic bags.
  2. If In Doubt, Trow It Out. Please recycle right. Only put in your recycling bin what you know for sure your town will take. Just because something is made of metal, doesn’t necessarily mean it belongs in the curbside recycling bin. The same applies to plastic.
  3. Flatten all cardboard before placing it in your recycle bin. This is important to save space and energy.

Know what your town accepts in your curbside recycling bin. Click on this green link to view the RECYCLING & WASTE DISPOSAL GUIDELINES for the Town of Framingham. This applies to all communities in the Metrowest Area.


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