Tips for a Better Holiday Season

Did you know the holiday season is the most wasteful time of the year? From Thanksgiving to the New Year, we generate 25 percent more waste than average. We can easily change that. One step at a time.

Share Experiences

Instead of buying something, think about an experience that you can give instead. Dinner for two? A theater show? A day at a museum? A movie? A spa treatment? The options are infinite. That way you can grow memories, not trash.

 Give Homemade

If you prefer to give someone a physical gift, try a homemade one. Use your talents. Do you like to cook? Are you artistic? Do you like to write?

 Shop Sustainably

If your choice is to buy something, stay local:

  • Shop second hand in a nearby consignment or antique store.
  • Shop locally from a small business. It’s good for your community and it benefits the local economy.
  • Visit an open studio in your neighborhood and buy directly from an artist.

Zero Waste Wrapping

Unfortunately wrapping paper, scotch tape and ribbons cannot be recycled due to coatings and dyes. Try these instead:

  • Wrap with fabric. In Japan, fabric wrapping is so prevalent, it’s become an art form called “furoshiki”.
  • Use newspapers and paper bags and decorate with raffia and plants, vines or pinecones.
  • Choose reusable paper or cloth gift bags for simplicity.
  • Cut last year holiday cards and use them as gift tags.
  • And finally, send only fully recyclable holiday cards to family and friends. Remember that photo based cards and cards with glitter, foil or charms cannot be recycled.

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