Welcome! My name is Claudia Ruiz-Gustafson, the writer behind The Happy Bee Blog, a space filled with real, simple and local ideas that my family has implemented on how to live in a more responsible and healthy way.

I grew up in Lima, Peru and now I live in Framingham, Massachusetts with my husband, son and cat Luna. I am an artist and a photographer with a degree in Communications and a real passion for sustainable living.

Here, I share with you my easy plant-based recipes, favorite places to buy local food, the most delicious and healthy restaurants and cafes in the area, spiritual places to renew and recharge, my selection of food and environmental documentaries, how to simplify, get organized and much more.

“Bee the change you want to see in the world”


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Claudia, Thank you for giving the talk about sustainable living at the library tonight. I’m curious how you dispose of your cat waste ie what you put it in before disposing in trash can? Peace, Bettina

  2. Bettina, Thanks so much for stopping by last night. Since many people have asked me about cat waste, I will post some photos on The Happy Bee Facebook Page. This is what I do: I cut a paper bag in half, (I recycle the top part) and place the bottom part next to the litter box and scoop daily. Every 3 days or so I “close” the bag (fold the top) and dump it directly inside my outdoor trash container. That way I am only trashing 1 paper bag a week. I know this is not the perfect solution, but this is the one that works for me using the least amount of waste and zero plastic. The paper bags I use are made with post consumer recycled content.

  3. Hi Claudia, Thanks so much for the presentation at First Parish Framingham. I forwarded a link to your blog to Alison and John at the EAG in Sherborn. If you would like a digital copy of the frame with the poem I loaned you at the church I’d be happy to send it to you.

    I’d also be open to send copies of some of my other writing and poetry on climate collapse if you are interested.



  4. Thanks Don for coming to the talk. Your environmental poetry is quite beautiful. Please send me a digital version, we will display it in our bulletin board. Also, please tell Alison and John that I can give the presentation at Sherborn UU if they are interested.

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